JK Custom joiners

About us-

Based in Sydney’s Hills District, Kevin and Jeremy have many years of working together. Combining their passion for innovative design, with their craftsmanship and knowledge of the latest products whilst incorporating sustainability and intelligent design.

Client relationships and customer service are of paramount importance to the company and reaching the highest customer satisfaction is cornerstone to their success. Ongoing referrals and glowing recommendations being the solid foundations on which their business has been established. 


Kevin Rocha -

With 20 years’ experience in the cabinetmaking industry, my passion is for designing and making custom furniture and fine-detailed joinery.

I have worked my way up in the industry to the level of production manager which has given me the experience required to work with many materials and design concepts.

My ambition is to create custom designed furniture and joinery to suit your needs and make your design as unique as you are.

Jeremy Bayliss -

Developing over the past 11 years in the industry and working with some of Sydney’s best Cabinetmakers and Joiners, I have gained knowledge in producing fine work in all facets of the market. 

Today I’m passionate about making custom joinery and furniture with an enthusiasm on mixed materials to create individual ideas.


How it works -

From the first call inquiring about our services to the finished product, we pride ourselves on great service and management from start to finish. During our first appointment, we are punctual and focus on your requirements to come up with a solution that best suits you.

With this, we then go away with ideas and sketches of the concept and provide you with a detailed quote.

From acceptance, we then produce a scaled working drawing and finalise materials and colours.

Upon construction we source sustainable material where possible and endorse the highest standard in hardware.

Finally we install in your premises, taking due care with your living, working or rest area.